Sale of credit cards and dumps by carders and scammers.

Carding - a type of fraud in which an operation is carried out using a payment card or its details, and this operation is not initiated or confirmed by its holder. Payment card details are taken from hacked servers of online stores, payment and settlement systems, as well as from personal computers (either directly or through remote access programs, Trojans, bots with form grabber function). In addition, the most common method of stealing credit card numbers today is fishing. Fishing - the creation by fraudsters of a site that will be trusted by the user, for example, a site similar to the user's bank’s site, where the number of credit card with cvv can be stolen.

Since 2003, a real gold rush has swept the carder world on both sides of the ocean. The very first question of any newcomer who comes to carding business is: "Where can I find a

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with pins to go to the ATM and withdraw money from the credit card?"

This was facilitated by the illiteracy in card terms of one American carder, who ignored all credit card manuals that wrote that there was a CVV / CVC code in the dump, which was necessarily checked by the issuer during the transaction and which could not be reproduced without a secret key stored in the bank.

Having caught several card numbers with fishing expiration dates and pin codes, he decided to generate a working dump from the data he had available and cash it out at the ATM. And, to the great surprise of people worked in the card security industry, he succeeded. Do you remember, that after the capture in the UK of local carders who photographed cards and looked at their pin codes, the government introduced the mandatory verification by all issuers of the CVV / CVC code on all transactions. It was in the 80s of the last century.

How could it be that CVV / CVC is not be checked during a transaction? Any employee of the bank will answer you that this is impossible, because this cannot be this way. However, as it turned out, this may be ... Not in all banks, but in some of them

It’s not clear what caused such a glaring error in transaction security - whether it was improperly configured software in the bank, or something else, but the fact remains: in a number of banks, CVV / CVC was not checked during ATM transactions, which allowed attackers who knows the card number, the expiration date of its validity and the PIN code, generate the missing part of the dump and cash the card at ATMs. The news that this was possible instantly spread in the dark internet, and after a while became known to all carders.

Those who knew that the CVV / CVC code for fake dumps were actually generated by chance, urgently developed for the rest of the carder community the legend that “the best mathematical minds of the carder community had decrypted the CVV / CVC generation algorithm used by some banks,” and most carders started the hunt for these non-existent algorithms.

By the way, at the American carder forums, the most popular question is still: "Who would like to buy working algorithms for dump generation?" That is a fake algorithm, of course. There were not very many such banks - just a couple of dozen. For the numbers of these cards with a PIN code, a real hunt began, and the number of fishing sites increased.

To say it frankly, people began to engage in carding in countries with a difficult political situation: Ukraine, some African countries, etc. There are a lot of different frauds. You should know its’ variants. For example, a spam email from online shop comes in the mail with a link to a special forum of false hackers, where a naive guy from Ukraine can

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. Only at first, in the letter, they ask to make 10% of the STOLEN FROM SOMEBODY’S AMOUNT that you want to receive on your card (along with a prison term in addition).

Remember, if you are offered

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+ pin - this is a fake. Because the person who can steal this data can withdraw money from the card himself. Why does he need to give to you such a present? And because it should also be an opportunity to

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. Moreover, now the secret services are already strong enough to identify a hacker involved in this. There are also on-line stores in the internet, where they offer to buy credit cards and buy valid cc in

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CVV shop is a trick to steal your money also. Valid

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are a fantastic miracle.

The person who does carding is a scammer.

There are two types of this type of fraud: real and virtual carding. I am unfamiliar with real carding, but if I'm right, it is associated with the use of a physical bank card (plastic). As a rule, the goal of scammers is to steal the card itself and the pin code from it.

To find out the pin code, scammers can use small video cameras, and, probably, other tricks.

To get a card, they can steal it impudently or “upgrade” an ATM so that it takes the card from the owner and doesn’t give back. There are also special overlays for the hole for plastic cards, through which intruders read information from the chip and make a duplicate card.

This includes credit processing, calls to the bank card holder with a request to name the pin code or CVV code of the card, as well as various fraudulent activities with online banking.

Virtual carding is a thing that only smart and prudent hackers can handle. Typically, the source of the cards are hackers who break into the database of online stores where customer details are stored. This applies only to small traders, because large projects are more secure. Then you need to ensure yourself so that your IP is hidden. To do this, try to use a remote computer. This is necessary to hide your IP address and to simulate the location of the card holder. That is, if the card holder lives in the United States, Nevada, and you are trying to “drive” the card from the IP of another country, or even the state, then the security system may not allow payment.

When a person is far from carding, hears the word “carding”, images of golden piles begin to come to his mind as he withdraws money from the cards and transfers it to his own accounts. This does not happen. You can’t just take and withdraw money from the credit card. Prices for cards start at $ 400 and end at $ 5000, and setting millions of dollars on them will not work, because every bank has limits.